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Air Scouts of Gauteng

Welcome to the new Air Scout Portal for Gauteng Air Scouts.

If you are a member of a Gauteng Air Scout Troop then please register . Even if you are not a member of the Gauteng Air Scouts you can register and take part in our forum discussions.

If you are just visiting please leave a post in our Guest Book.

The Air Scouts of Gauteng website has been awarded a silver escouts award!

If you are a member of an Air Scout Group and you wish to have a link on this page please send Dakota a personal message.

A note from the desk of the newly appointed Assistant Area Commissioner for Air Activities in Gauteng:

During the year 2005, Air Activities has seen a Take Off like never imagined. To give you a taste of what Air Activities are all about, take a look at what we got up to on the recent Air Scout Jamborally. 60 Air Scouts and Scouters from Gauteng recently attended this event and everyone had fun and had an opportunity to flying.

No longer will Air Activities be neglected. There are so many aspects to Aviation that I know we will be able to offer something for each and every Air Scout in Gauteng. We will do fun things like flying and visiting Air shows and some serious things like working on “Air” interest badges and looking at career options in aviation. There will be opportunities to meet like-minded Air Scouts and socialise with friends you made at the Air Scout Jamborally.

I will try to focus on quality rather than quantity, so please make every effort to support the Air Activities provided. There will still be plenty of time to do regular Scout activities and to enter District events.

With the assistance of Walther, we have put together this website to keep you up to date with Air Activities. It will be updated regularly to give you details of all the events. The purpose of the Webpage is to give you all the information and forms that you will need to attend any of the events. There is a calendar so that you can know in advance what Air events are coming up. You will also find a gallery of past Air Activities. So keep watching this space.

Yours in Air Scouting,
Tanya Evans

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